Maxi here

Hello Maxi here, I was put through some real trauma yesterday, I was collected from my fosterer at 08:15 by Sylvia and Bill, what a time to be leaving home, I thought a trip to the vets or something similar so as soon as I got into the car I started meowing, as you do.  After about ten minutes I thought I’d just show my dislike for being in a basket in the car, after all I was scooped up before I’d had my morning poo.  I don’t know how they knew but almost immediately the car stopped and I was swapped from my basket to another strange basket that didn’t smell like mine.

We were then off again so I switched on the meow just to remind them I was still here, this was however turning out to be the longest journey to the vets I had ever experienced, we just keep going and going, the next thing I knew was we were going through the Dartford tunnel, this was new, I’d never been through this tunnel before, out the other side and the sign said welcome to Essex.  Well I’ve heard a lot about Essex and the folk that live there, I was getting a little concerned, I’ve never been out of the Garden of England before and suddenly I find myself motoring down the A127 towards Southend.  I felt I had to increase the meow volume, which incidentally was still going one after another, non-stop I might add, just to let the driver know I wasn’t happy.  

We turned off the A217 at Rayleigh which is when I decided enough is enough so I had a good wee and another poo, I thought that’ll get their attention, eventually after almost 5000 meows, that’s about one and a half hours to you, we stopped in a very quiet road, it actually was very nice.  I was swapped to yet another basket and we went into a house, wow I thought, this is nice, what am I doing here.  I met two new people, Lyn and Martin, they were very nice to me, there was food, water and toilet facilities and no sign of any other cats, I had a look around then had a snack while Sylvia and Bill chatted to Lyn and Martin, they had tea and cake but I went for the meat main course, very tasty.  

I thought it was then time to do some more exploring so I had a look upstairs, Lyn came to find me, so I thought if I play my cards right I might be able to have these two people as my new Mum and Dad.  You see my last Mum was very ill and had to give me up, which was very sad for both of us, especially only a few weeks away from Christmas last year, but she said it was for the best as Swale CP had a space and would be able to find me a new home.

Well Mum if you are reading this, you were right, I’ve now got a lovely home, in Hockley, Essex, my new Mum and Dad are great, I’m really happy and just keep following my new Mum everywhere, I’m not going to lose this one!

Love from Maxi   meow

16th June 2013
We have recently heard some tragic news that Maxi has now gone to the forever cat home in the sky following a blood clot, our thoughts are with Lyn and Martin.