Lost and Found

Swale Cats Protection


If you have lost your cat or if you have found a cat that looks lost or needs help, please do contact us.


We will need as much information as possible about the cat and a digital photograph to help us reunite cat with its owner.

No personal information like phone number or email need be published here, as we can act on your behalf, but if you want your details published, let us know.


Found cats are rarely taken into our care as our space is limited, we report on what we are told by the finders who are often caring for and feeding the found cat.

Please inform us when you are re-united with your cat so we can remove him/her from the web site.  We will routinely remove lost and found cats from the website after six months unless you request us not to do so.  

You can contact our Lost & Found officer here click for email address 

Download PDF information on what to do