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Sooty is ideal if you're looking for an older kitten...

06 December 2016
Sooty is ideal if you

‘Sooty is a beautiful 9 month old boy who is at the great age of still playing like a kitten, but not needing the constant attention that a younger kitten would need.  He absolutely loves playing with his toys, in particular, a jingle ball and a toy Christmas tree on the end of some string.  For every hour of playing though, he likes to have a snoozette to recharge his batteries!

He loves a good cheek rub and enjoys being near people so would be great with families, although little children may worry him a bit too much.  He is a very independent and we think he will be ok with other cats as the neighbour’s cat stares at him through the door and Sooty doesn’t even bat an eyelid.

Sooty has been neutered and vaccinated and is ready for his forever home, which must be full of love and toys!  Could you offer this beautiful boy a home?’