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Hello and welcome to all.

Swale Cats Protection is a volunteer only organisation that runs from the homes of a small number of unpaid individuals who do it out of a desire to help cats in need around them. Doing so around jobs, children, education, housework and all the hundreds of little things that make up life.

We don't have an adoption centre or office or shop or any fixed address. Cats taken in by us stay in the homes of those both willing and able to take them on. Non monetary donations stay in spare spaces until a use can be found for them.

As a result of that there is a limit to how much we can do for the cats of Swale.

Without more fosterers our ability to take in cats is massively limited. We don't like turning away people or cats but as no-one has yet donated a working TARDIS we don't have much choice when we are full.

Without more people with cars and spare time we can't always check chips or pick-up dead cats or help get injured cats to a vet. Again we don't like not being there when needed but as we already have volunteers leaving the side of few month old babies to travel out into the night to pick up dead cats because no-one else will, it's hard to see what more we can do with the people available.

We may not always respond straight away but we will respond when we can. We understand the frustrations of waiting but the person you are waiting for may be breastfeeding, working, chasing around a missing cat with a trap, or dealing with a family emergency. I once ended up dealing with someone with a lost cat while in hospital waiting to get my appendix removed. We put ourselves out far more than most people ever give us credit for.

There are plenty of times where we fail to help but still spend a lot of time and energy trying to do so. What may seem to be a few minutes interaction with us can actually be hours worth of behind the scenes running around from our volunteers.

We only put cats to sleep on the advice of a vet and only do it to save a cat from unnecessary suffering. We don't put down cats for fun and we most certainly don't worry about where the money for treatment comes from until after the cat is treated.

In short we try very hard to do as much as we can to help but without the bodies and resources we are genuinely restricted in what we can do. Anyone wanting that to change is more than welcome to join up and help with anything I have just mentioned.

We may turn people/cats away because we can't help but we have never done it because we WON'T help. Something we oddly get accused of.

I have witnessed volunteers making themselves ill trying to do too much at once who end up being abused by strangers the moment they can't help. The same strangers who forget to praise them when they do.

Also, while I am at it, getting your cats neutered and chipped would greatly cut down the workload of animal charities everywhere. 
We spend thousands every year neutering cats yet the numbers of unneutered cats creating new lives that people can't afford to care for is always going up.

We thank everyone who has helped and supported us and are grateful that both Swale and the UK contains many wonderful individuals who dedicate their time and effort saving all the animals they can regardless of what organisation they do it for. 

Few of those above ever get the credit they deserve.

Thank you for listening and if you want to help them we would love to hear from you.

Rob The Social Media Guy.

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