Would you do this to a cat??

Can you believe anyone would be so cruel; this cat, now known as Arthur was a stray being fed by a Good Samaritan who requested we get involved due to the damage on its tail. One of our team trapped Arthur and whisked him off to the vets for examination.  

You will see from the photo that the tail is a write off, we are not sure if it was an elastic band or cable tie that had been applied to restrict the blood supply but it had certainly done the job, it has killed the tail causing great pain and distress to this poor animal, the tail has now been amputated.

To make matters worse Arthur has tested positive for FIV which makes this animal only suitable as an indoor cat as it cannot mix with other cats. FIV is not contagious to humans and the cat can expect to live a near normal life with the exception of venturing out into the great outdoors.

We hope to be able to offer Arthur for adoption when he has recovered from his tail operation and regained some trust in the human race, this is likely to take some time...

If you have a lot of patience and are looking for a challenge and an indoor cat please give us a call, I'm sure Arthur would love a real home...